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November 22, 2012
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::Commission:: Super Saiyan-Pimp by makotomikami ::Commission:: Super Saiyan-Pimp by makotomikami
And so, Vegetto achieved global peace between fanboys and fangirls, by having a threesome with Chi-Chi and Bulma :XD:

Thank goodness Goku didn't fuse with Gohan, otherwise he'd had to please both his wife AND mother at the same time! :noes:

A commission made by an anonymous contact from Facebook, looks like somebody did like my Chi-Chi's redesign :) actually, this was originally intended to be a sex pic but my contact backed out about that after telling him that sex pics cost a bit more on top of the extra cost for each additional character ^^;

Anyway, you might feel that Chi-Chi and Bulma (and probably Vegetto too) seem too young, well, that's just my intent (and preference), wouldn't have been cool if Vegeta had appeared in the original Dragon Ball series? Ever since Goku was a kid and he could've been his lifelong rival or something, Goku never really had a recurring rival, basically since most of his rivals turned good, and after that, pretty useless as well, but don't believe me, let's reminisce together, shall we?

Well, Goku's first rival was Yamcha, now, Yamcha had a LOT of style, but then, he gradually started to become useless until nobody cared about him, not even Bulma, but who can blame her? Yamcha doesn't stand a chance against Vegeta in basically EVERY way. Then, came Krillin, well, not exactly a rival, more of a training buddy, but I miss when Krillin was a perverted little kid, but he became too goody two-shoes on DBZ :(

Then, came Ten Shinhan (yes, that's how it's written, NOT Tien Shin Han or whatever your sucky American translating team told you :P ) another character who, once he became good, he turned useless, okay, before be continue, maybe I'm exaggerating on using the word "useless" when it's more like a "supportive" character, though, that's pretty next to useless ;P

Then Piccolo, took him a bit more time to become useless, surprisingly, until the Buu saga, he was basically a weakling.

Finally, came good old Veggers, one of the most recognizable characters in history maybe, Vegeta basically turned from villain to anti-hero, though, that's still a next to useless role, since Vegs never won ANY important fight after they came back from Namek, now that really sucked :(

Anyway, that brings us back to my pic, Vegetto, and yes, again, that's how it is pronounced, not "Vegito" nor "Vejito", lol, does that name even make sense to you at all? I mean, why Vegito in the first place? Because Vegeta and Kakarot? Then that would be Vegerot, no? :rofl: no, you're English translated just effed up big time, 'cause Goku's Saiyan name is actually KAKAROTTO, not Kakarot, hence, Vegetto is the correct way to say it.

Anyway, Vegetto is one of my favorite characters in the whole series, I actually like him more than Gogeta, he's way more stylish, though, I think this character was VERY short-lived, I mean, for a PERMANENT fusion, or whatever, I mean, sure, it probably wouldn't be Dragon Ball anymore without Goku himself (though they DID kept him dead him for years), but I dunno, I wish it would've lasted more, until maybe a more powerful enemy came by and separated them or something :(

Anyway, I guess that's enough complaining for today, hope you liked the pic! :D

All characters belong to Akira Toriyama
Image made by me :D
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SugarNSpice222 Oct 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Vegetto, a true pimp!
I'm glad Vegeta didn't show up in the original stuff. Saiyans ruined the series pretty much for me.

Do think that it'd have been better for Goku to end up with Bulma though.
makotomikami Jan 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, well, it was more like DBZ's whole theme was the Saiyans, DB was really cool shit and I prefer it's story and comedy, but DBZ was something else and had to be more mainstream in order to draw more fans, well, at least this is what I think.

Hmm, I'm not sure, I love both Chichi and Bulma, though, I think Bulma has a lot more personality, and I like her just a bit more, but not as Goku's romantic partner, they looked more like brother and sister in the beginning, but that bond was never deepened and just fell off the grid, hate to say it, but Akira Toriyama's characters are kinda flat, IMO :(

But thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it! :D
Either way, I think Bulma and Goku getting together would've been better than either of them ending up with who they did ^_^ I really could not stand how things just drifted off in Z that were more prominent in the original Dragon Ball =( And then making everyone aliens...and the constant fighting powering up crap... x_x
makotomikami Jan 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
*200% remember, it's a fusion :XD:
Lol Right,4got. XD Bet He's havin Fun!
VolleystheDragon Dec 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
Oddly enough, from the research that a good friend of mine did, Akira Toriyama dislikes Vegeta. That's why Vegeta hasn't had a good part since Name. But the guy has a fan base so that's why Toriyama brought him back in the series after he blew himself up- or so the rumor goes.

Ironically, I think Vegeta had the most character development in the whole entire show, going from a villain (Frieza saga) to anti-hero (Trunks/Android/Cell saga) to reluctant hero (Buu Saga after deciding to protect/avenge his family) to complacent guardian of earth (end of DBZ and mentioned neat the end of GT). Who else had that much character development?

Goku (from what I witnessed) turned into a self-serving jerk (not a mean jerk, but thoughtless to other people's feelings kind of jerk) who abandoned his family on a whim, saying it was to protect the planet or was for the good of others.

Yamcha was useless by the end of DB as was everyone (Tien, Chaotzu, Yajirobi, Popo, Karin, Roshi, Oolong, Puar, and many, many more) all but Krillin and Piccolo and Bulma.

(Does anyone else remember Launch? Yeah, they cut out all two of her scenes in DBZ ^_^ Too bad she was funny with her split personality)

Piccolo was a strategist and tried to keep up but it ended with him not being able to fight much in the Buu saga (he lasted longer than Krill though ^_^).

Krillin survived the Saiyans, was killed by Frieza, brought back, had a substantial role in the Android Saga, playing bystander in the Cell games and became useless after that. Good for comedy relief with his wife though (Did anybody else find it funny that they named their daughter Marron? I mean, that was the name of the Bulma look alike in the filler saga 'Revenge of Garlic Jr' who he was originally going to marry but she ended up getting bored and dumbing him before the wedding was finalized. Just saying. They named their daughter after her....roll)

And Bulma was their intelligence. No, she never fought... but it goes to reason that without Bulma, there would be no Dragon Ball series at all. She found Goku, she taught him about the Dragon Balls, she built the dragon radar, she fixed or funded anything the group needed, she built the space ship that went to Namek, she helped Vegeta over the three year training, she made the time machine in the alternate universe that sent Future Trunks over to this new timeline, she gave birth to Trunks, and so much more that I'm going to stop rambling about it now.

I don't know how relevant this is to your picture, but your Artist notes got me thinking and then I never stopped writing and now I have one very long comment to a really cute picture.

And yes, I agree. Vegetto was so much more awesome and I wish very much that there was an antagonist like him in DB.
makotomikami Dec 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
LOL, thanks for the comment though... and the wall of text! :XD:
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